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Attention Business Owners...

Which of These Costly Mistakes Will You Make When Hiring Copywriters?

WARNING: Don't even think about hiring a
 before you read this...

Dear Business Owner,

Hiring copywriters is tricky...

It's an investment that could potentially pay off big time. That's why multi-million dollar direct response companies pay an arm and a leg for top copywriters.

"How does Phillips get these great copywriters? Simple: They pay more than any other company in the U.S... Phillips is eager and willing to find copywriters they can pay $1,000,000 per year and more."

-- Gary C. Halbert
"The Gary Halbert Letter"

Just ask companies like Agora Publishing, KCI, Phillip's Publishing and others who spend a king's ransom on their copywriters.

It's well worth the money... if... and only if... you find copywriters who deliver cash-generating sales copy.

Consistently. Predictably. Like clockwork.

On the other hand, if you choose the wrong copywriters, you'll pay for it. How? With lost customers, lost sales and lost revenues.

Unfortunately, that happens far too often. 

According to industry insiders, business owners make five costly mistakes when picking copywriters to work with.

These common but little-known blunders could add up to a small fortune. They're like profit-draining vacuums sucking money out of your business. 

Some of these mistakes pertain to the copywriters. Some pertain to the business owner.

Let's tackle each of them...

Costly Mistake #1:
Hiring "Wet-Behind-The-Ears"

Just about anyone can "say" they're a copywriter.

Few (very few) have the real-world, in-the-trenches experience to produce bankable results.

The best available copywriters write for clients... and... for themselves. In fact, many top pen slingers started out writing for their own business. Then they took on client work after proving their worth.

So ask about their level of experience. How long they've been in business? How they started out? Etcetera.

And ask the copywriters you're interviewing for testimonials and/or references. 

This is a smart move no matter who you enter into a business relationship with. The copywriters ought to provide at least three testimonials or references you can follow up on. Take a few minutes - over the phone - to talk with the copywriters. Get to know a bit about them.

Then do your due dilligence.

Costly Mistake #2:
Not Looking At Copy Samples
From Copywriters

How can you tell if a copywriter knows his or her craft?

Well, the first way is by reading their self-promotion. If the copy they craft to sell themselves does not sell you, chances are there's a problem.

"Advertising is salesmanship... The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales."

-- Claude C. Hopkins
"Scientific Advertising"

Read copy samples written for real clients. 

You can learn a lot about a copywriter's ability to sell.

Make sure the samples you look over pertain to the media you use.

There's a difference, for instance, between writing for direct mail and the Internet.

Reviewing a few samples is (by far) the best way to tell if the copywriters know what they're doing.

Costly Mistake #3:
Choosing Copywriters Who Do Not
Understand Direct Marketing

In most cases, the best type of copywriters to work with are those entrenched in the principles of direct marketing.


Because the problem most businesses have is lack of customers, sales and cash flow.

Therefore, copywriters must know how to generate immediate profits. The copy simply has to elicit an emotional response that drives sales.

"Follow in the footsteps of some of these users of TESTED approaches, PROVEN appeals, and you will take the guess out of your advertising and put profits in your tills."

-- Robert Collier
"The Robert Collier Letter Book"

However, the best copy in the world falls flat on its face... if... the marketing strategy is all wrong.

Good copywriters can help you structure a winning marketing strategy. One that relies on tested approaches and proven appeals. And squeezes all the profit potential out of the copy.

You see, according to experts, three elements are crucial to the success of a marketing campaign:

1. The List. In other words, the list of people you will target with your marketing message. Get this wrong and nothing will save your campaign. You wouldn't, for example, send a letter selling bodybuilding supplements to a list of beer-guzzling bikers. It just wouldn't make sense.

2. The Offer. If you get the list right, then the success of your ad depends on nailing the offer. Offering the wrong things to the right market will kill response. But the right offer to the right list can make you a fortune.

3. The Copy. The final element to marketing success is to have the right copy. That means, knowing what to say to the list so they take you up on the offer.

A fine balance exists between all three of these elements. Anyone you hire should know how to make them work.

Because you simply can't expect copy to overcome an ineffective marketing strategy. It doesn't work that way. So copywriters have to understand direct marketing.

Costly Mistake #4:
Paying Copywriters "Peanuts" And
Expecting Top Talent

When it comes to copywriting, you get what you pay for.

The lowest priced copywriters usually can't sell. After all, copywriters who can sell their services, do not need to settle for crumbs. Top-gun copywriters are almost always booked for months ahead. At least a couple of times a year.

But here's the rub: What incentive do any good copywriters have to grow someone else's business... without... getting paid what they're worth?


With that in mind, it's a good idea to establish what you are willing to pay ahead of time. Copywriting fees vary.

The best of the best charge between $5,000 and $25,000 or more. A royalty from 3% to 25% of gross sales is often tied to results. For a good copywriter, you can expect to invest in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $5,000 on average.

Good copywriters are not an expense. They are sales, cash flow and profit generators. They can increase your bottom line revenue many times what you invest in them.

Of course, the above figures are estimates.

The scope of your project, amount of work involved and other things factor in. The point is this: If you pay "peanuts", you'll get monkeys. Because most decent copywriters can earn enough money on their own projects to more than make up for the fee they charge a client.

Be careful. You may feel like you got a bargain by beating up copywriters on their fee. But, chances are the results you get will be less than stellar. In fact, you'll probably lose money in the long run.

Your best bet is to work with someone who knows what they're doing. Pay them a fair amount. And, if the situation warrants, be willing to give the copywriters an incentive.

Otherwise, write your own copy until you can afford top talent.

Costly Mistake #5:
Making The Copywriter's Job Difficult

Of course, you won't do that but... just in case... here's what you should know.

First of all, in order to write copy that sells, copywriters need an enormous amount of research material.

"This preliminary research takes time. All right. The time is well spent... to find the right appeal... is so important that other considerations are insignificant by comparison."

-- John Caples
"Tested Advertising Methods"

This material comes from the client. If you don't provide it, then it's like asking a marksman to fire blindfolded.

Ideally, the copywriter will provide you with a list of things they need. Such as: details about the product or service... copy that has worked... copy that has failed... access to industry publications, statistics, etc.

Even if you don't have everything, you should be able to at least point the copywriter in the right direction.

Second, you need to set reasonable deadlines.

The bigger the project the longer it will take to complete. A long-copy letter can take from two to four weeks. While a two-sided post card may take only a few days.

Again, when it comes to crafting copy that gets sales, having it done fast is not always in your best interest.

Finally, don't abdicate your responsibility during the process. In other words, getting the copy right is often a matter of cooperation between the writer and the business owner. Be willing to interact and provide your input.

By avoiding these five mistakes, you'll be able to...

  • Find an experienced copywriter who has a proven track record of producing results. 
  • Find a copywriter who can help you maximize sales and profits. 
  • Find a copywriter who is excited about working with you for the long term. 

Which is exactly the type of copywriter you want.

Now that you know what not to do, let's talk about...

How To Solve Your Copywriting
Problems Once And For All

My name is John "Angel" Anghelache.

For over a decade, I've created direct response advertising that brings home the bacon. Not only for my own businesses but also for those of my clients.

I've worked with dozens of offline and online businesses in a variety of industries.

In addition, I have also worked with a few of the top direct marketers and business people in the entire world.

These include...

  • The late, Gary C. Halbert, who is considered by many the best advertising copywriter who ever lived. Gary is also noted as writing the most mailed sales letter - it was mailed over 600,000,000 times - in history. 
  • Dr. Joe Vitale who is a marketing genius and one of the stars of the blockbuster book and movie, "The Secret". Joe's inspirational books on self-improvement and marketing have reached best-seller lists the world over. 
  • Yanik Silver is the "hot shot" Internet marketing whiz who helps people start profitable web businesses from scratch. His "Underground Marketing" seminar is becoming the stuff of legend. 
  • David Garfinkel of the World Copywriting Institute is a world-renowned business building expert. He is perhaps best known for his ability to teach the art and science of how to write money-making direct response ad copy. 
  • Michel Fortin is widely recognized as one of the best Internet marketers in the world. And he writes some of the most compelling copy online. 
  • And many others! 

I have written copy in diverse industries such as: real estate sales, real estate investing, mortgage brokering, credit repair, business-building, business opportunity, financial publishing, information marketing, etc.

My specialty is long-form copy for: direct mail, post cards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, websites, banner ads and email.

All told, my copy has produced...

Over $55,000,000 In Copywriting
Sales And Counting

Here are a few examples of some of my advertising and marketing success stories:

  • For one of my clients, I created an entire marketing promotion which resulted in a 10% response rate for an expensive $2,970 product. That means 10% of customers whipped out their credit card and bought this product within a 30-day time frame! And it's still a best-seller two years later! 
  • Another client was selling a monthly membership service. Using my marketing secrets, I developed a promotion which resulted in a staggering 1,078.64% return on investment. Imagine getting back almost $11 for every one dollar you spend on an ad campaign for your business! But the profits don't end there. You see, since this is a continuity service, my client gets a continuous stream of residual profits. 
  • Yet another client sold out a $5,000 per head seminar within 35 hours after implementing the strategy and sales copy I crafted for him! 
  • I doubled the monthly profits of an online company selling a cheap $59 ebook to $40,000 per month... or... $480,000 in additional profits per year! 
  • Recently, for one of my businesses, I got a 43% response rate to a direct mail package. Overall, 13% of the people who read that letter hired me. And three of those clients booked me for at least three months in advance! 
  • A tiny three-line newspaper classified ad - these are the same as Google Adwords online - I wrote ran for a full year unchanged and raked in over $80,000 in profits! 
  • I wrote an ingenious direct mail campaign which brought back a 2,861% return on investment within 45 days! 
  • A marketing program I helped to conceptualize, launch and oversee ran for 5 years straight in a very competetive industry and produced gross sales in excess of $3,500,000 the first year alone... and... over $25,000,000 total! 
  • Another marketing program I created generated just shy of $14,000,000 in a two year stretch! 

Response-Boosting Secrets For
Explosive Profits Few Copywrites Know

When I take on a new client, I look for "profit-gap" opportunities. These are the overlooked or hidden leverage points your advertising is under-exploiting.

"The real secret to creating blockbuster advertising consistently is knowing exactly what to say to your target market to trigger breakthrough response."

-- Gary Bencivenga
Legendary Copywriter

My focus is to create direct response advertising that makes you money. And lots of it.


By doing the right kind of research and analysis. The point is to figure out what to say to your market.

Because when it comes to advertising:

Knowing What To Say To Get A Response Is The
Number One Most Important Thing!


If you don't know what to say... then... you can't make people respond. It's that simple.

Most advertising that isn't working is weak in one or more of these key areas:

ATTENTION - Advertising that does not get enough of the right attention does not have a snowball's chance in Arizona of working. You only have about 3 seconds to catch someone's attention. Otherwise they are gone for good. So my first job is to figure out how to get your prospect's attention.

INTEREST - The biggest sin of advertising is boring your reader. With enough research, I can find the points of interest that keep prospects riveted to every word in an ad.

DESIRE - Building desire is critical to making a sale. People make buying decisions because they want what you offer more than the money it costs. It takes skill to whip someone into a buying frenzy and get them to buy on the spot.

ACTION - The final component to advertising that works is compelling immediate action. People tend to put things off. Knowing how to get them to act now is of paramount importance.

When the weak spots in these areas are fixed you can expect:

... a higher response rate.

... a higher conversion rate.

... more leads generated on a more consistent basis.

... more prospects turning into paying customers.

... overall lower cost of advertising.

... better results with zero increase in your ad budget.

... fast, measurable results.

Can hiring me help increase your business? Can you, for example, double your sales in the next six months? Can you double or triple profits over the next twelve months?

Maybe. Maybe not.

You can find out by making one quick call. However, before you pick up the phone, please take a moment to consider why I may not be able to help you.

The fact is, I can't help everyone. There are many business owners I would not help even if I could.

So here are the...

Five Main Criteria You Must Meet
Before Contacting Me

  • You must have one or more products or services that is ethical and legal. The better your product or service the easier it is to use proven copywriting and marketing strategies to increase sales and profits. 
  • You must be ready, willing and able to handle a fast increase in sales. Please don't call if you want to do something months from now. Instead, call me only if you are ready to get the ball rolling today. 
  • Your business must already be profitable. It should be bringing in at least some money. Because it's next to impossible to improve something that has no track record whatsoever. 
  • You must be easy to get along with and open to new ideas. My copywriting and markeing methods work like crazy but only if and when they are implemented. I will not waste your time with theory or other such nonsense. I expect a cooperative working environment in return. 
  • You must be willing to make an upfront investment to put these strategies to work in your business. Look, I do not work for free. I charge a fair upfront fee based on the scope of the project. In many cases, the lion's share of my income comes from commissions from the increased cash flow which is generated by my copywriting and marketing methods. If you are unwilling to make the investment don't call until you can! 

What You Should Do Right Now...

It's simple.  
Pick up the phone and give me a call at the number below. We'll chat for a few minutes in a relaxed environment.  
I am not interested in "hard-selling" anyone. 
The fact is, until I get a few details about you, your business and your project I have no idea if I can help. Based on our brief conversation, I'll tell you what I can do to increase your sales and profits. 
On the other hand, if I feel I can't help - yes that does happen - I will let you know on the spot.  
I'm looking for long term business relationships.  
Not one-time "quickie" projects.  
If you feel the same, email me at the email address below. Best time to reach me is after 9 a.m. (CST). Here's the email...
john @  
To Your Success,  

John "Angel" Anghelache


P.S. Over the past year, I have run only a handful of self-promotions. That's because I tend to get booked for a few months ahead whenever I market my services. So, if you're at all interested, give me a call right away.


And always keep this little "ditty" in mind...


"He who whispers down a well
About the things he has to sell
Will not make the shining dollars
Like he who climbs a tree and hollers."

Thank you.




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