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content marketing trafficI’ve put together seven simple strategies proven to drive loads of traffic to your website content.

Because, if there’s one thing we can all use more of, it’s traffic.

Especially when you consider the sheer size of the Internet and all the activity driving traffic away from your site.

Consider the following…

Every second 6,000 tweets go out…

40,000+ (that’s forty-thousand) Google queries get searched…

More than 2-billion emails get sent and…

Over 1-billion websites exist.

Getting lost in the shuffle is easy… unless… you attract free website traffic to your content.

So here we go…

Free Website Traffic Strategy #1

This one couldn’t be easier.

Google search the top bloggers in your space.

You’re looking for the “movers and shakers” dominating the niche you want a piece of.

For example: Say you’re in the internet marketing niche.

Do a simple Google search for keywords like…

“internet marketing blog”

“digital marketing blog”

“social media blog”

Take a look at what came up in Google when I searched “internet marketing blogcontent marketing traffic blogs“…

In less than a second, I got 40 results.

What came up were some of the hottest blogs in this industry including: CopybloggerFit Small Business… and… Social Triggers.

The next step is to…

Contact The Bloggers

And make a simple request.

This part is a bit tricky.

Bloggers often “hide” behind their website.

Which sometimes makes it hard to find their contact information.

The easy way to find it is to look for a link that says… well… “contact.”

More established sites might have a media contact — like a marketing manager.

Their email and even phone number will be displayed.

Smaller sites might have either an email or a contact form.

No email or contact form on the site?

Then try going to WhoIs.com. This site let’s you search the domain name registration information for any site.

You might get lucky.

Either way send a message that says something like…


My name is Josh Pumpernickel and I own the website: www.FlippingNewYork.com.

I’m getting in touch because I found a great free website traffic strategy and I’d like to share it with you. The reason is I’m an avid reader of your blog and thought you might want to know how this traffic-booster works. I’m using it for my site right now. If you’re interested let me know. I’d be happy to either tell you over the phone or shoot you an email. My email is jp@flippingnewyork.com. Thanks. — Josh”

Some Of Them Will Respond To Your Request

Notice something important about this strategy.

When you get in touch, you don’t ask them to promote you in the first contact message.

That would be too soon.

You wait until you get on the phone… or… until they ask you to email them.

Then explain how the strategy works and ask if they would be kind enough to promote your blog to their list.

In case you’re completely out of it…

The free website traffic strategy you’ll explain to them is one of the seven I’m going over with you in this post.



Some of them will not be too keen on promoting you for free.

So offer to pay for access.

Or, if you have a good size list, offer to promote one of their blog posts to your list.

A reciprocal blog promotion works quite well.

Free Website Traffic Strategy #2

This one might seem like common sense.

But adding social sharing icons will go a long way towards getting more traffic.

content marketing traffic icons

The stats don’t lie!

And the stats say there are…

More than two billion monthly users on Facebook.

100 million+ people use Instagram every month.

During the most recently reported quarter, LinkedIn had 467 million members.

Twitter boasts 328 million monthly active users as of last count.

Pinterest says it has 70 million monthly domestic users.

YouTube has 1 billion people using the site each month.

These number will only continue to grow.

However, just putting social sharing icons on your blog isn’t enough.

Action is required to get shares.

Here are some ideas that work:

Whenever possible, use “instant messenger” to…

Notify Your Network

Some people in your tribe actively comment on your posts.

Send them an instant message and tell them about a blog post they might like to read.

Then ask them to share it.

Share Your Content MarketingAs the old saying goes, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Now, here’s something else that’s interesting…

The longer your content the more likely others are to share it.

The “sweet spot” is somewhere between 2,000 and 2,200 words.

A longer post doesn’t give you much more bang for your time and effort investment.

So don’t bother.

The point is simple…

Unless you have something against getting free website traffic then…

You should probably include these traffic-boosting icons on your blog pages.

Send a message to your “connects” on Facebook and LinkedIn (and every other social media platform you belong to) and ask them to share your content.

Another smart idea is to ASK your blog readers and email subscribers to share your content also.

Send them an email with a link to your blog post. In the email, ask them to spread the word.

You can also include a quick request at the end of your blog post.

Maybe something like: “If you like this post share it! Thanks!”

Which leads us to…

Free Website Traffic Strategy #3

Once again, common sense rules the day.

If you’re going to ask blog readers and email subscribers to spread your content around the web…

Why not promote that same content to your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts?

You can do this in two ways.

First, write up two or three sentences describing the blog post you just wrote or updated.

Add a link and post it on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages so your contacts know about it.

Second, and this could be even more powerful, is to join different groups within Facebook and LinkedIn and post there.

content marketing traffic

For example, as of this writing…

The Social Media Marketing group on LinkedIn has 2,037,663 members.

The Digital Marketing group on LinkedIn has 1,189,692 members.

And the eMarketing Association Network has 916,548 members.

The idea is to…

Niche Your Content To Your Market

Then you can post about your content to the relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups you belong to.

The better the posts are — as in the more relevant and helpful — the more free website traffic you’ll begin to get.

I heard one free website traffic success story that just blew me away.

The guy had a website showing people how to land jobs.

He wrote a blog post with great content and strategically shared it.

Twenty-four hours later his stats were off the charts…





1,000+ new followers.

500+ new connections.

And 300+ new email subscribers.

Those numbers are great.

But, to be honest, I think he was doing something wrong.


Because he should of had more (way more) new email subs.

He might of learned something by following this email marketing strategy.

Free Website Traffic Strategy #4

Have you ever heard the term “coopetition”?

The Harvard Business Review defines it as…

“Finding a way to partner with your competitor in such a way that both parties can substantially benefit from the other’s resources — without stealing customers or damaging anyone’s credibility. It’s a great survival strategy for small companies or entrepreneurs, and a good expansion strategy for even the largest companies.”

content marketing trafficFor example…

Brian Scudamore, the founder and CEO of O2E Brands (the banner company for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?) applies the concept like this…

He says, “When I want to know something about the competition, I just pick up the phone and ask them flat out. I once called the owner of Just Junk to introduce myself and to ask him about their great web booking system. He was happy to oblige, and had a few questions of his own for me. We’ve since become big supporters of each other, regularly grabbing a beer to swap stories and bounce around ideas – and our “open kimono” philosophy has helped us both for the better.”

You can do the same thing to get more content marketing traffic.

Email people who are sharing your competitor’s articles.

Zoom over to BuzzSumo and find out who shared your competition’s posts.

Tell them you just wrote an article covering the same topic.

The difference is you gave it a different spin.

Or maybe you included different information altogether.

Send them the link and ask them to share if they like what they read.

Of course, you can do the same thing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Free Website Traffic Strategy #5

Remember how I told you (in the first free website traffic strategy) to search for blogs in your niche?

And do you also remember how I linked out from this post to three blogs I found as an example?

Well guess what?

I can email those bloggers and let them know that I love what they’re doing.

I love it so much that I linked out to them from one of my blog posts.

And I can include the link to this blog post in my email so they know I’m telling the truth.

Furthermore, I can ask them to check out this blog post.

If they like it — without me even having to ask — they will share it with their tribe.

The great thing about this strategy is…

It works wonders with “influencers” too. Authority blogs that get tons of traffic love it when they are featured in other blogs.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll get a high response if you request a repost from them.

But you gotta do it the right way…

Owners of well-trafficked blogs and websites are savvy.

They won’t take your word for it if you say your post is “hot.”

You must prove it.


Wait a few days and check out your Google analytics.

content marketing traffic

Is your article getting decent traffic?

Or are opinion leaders referring to it en masse?

If so, you can be confident about asking an editor to repost it.

Free Website Traffic Strategy #6

This is really cool.

Over time, some of your content (like blog posts) will get tons of eyeballs.

Other posts may get no traction at all.

So what you do is keep an eye on your analytics.

Which piece(s) of content have generated the most traffic?

Is a specific post getting tons of mentions?

Take a look and see.

Then take those pieces of content getting the most “love” and repurpose them!

content marketing traffic

You can easily turn a blog post into a quick YouTube video.

Or even a slideshow to post on Slideshare.

Take out key points and create images to post on Facebook or Instagram.

Just make sure the repurposed content links back to your website or blog.

While you’re at it…

Why not extract the best content from each piece and…

Record a few quick (say 2 to 5-minute long) audios for a podcast?

You can then use any of the other free website traffic strategies we’ve already discussed to promote your repurposed content.

Free Website Traffic Strategy #7

I’ve saved the best for last.

Look, if you market products and services online, let’s get one thing straight…

The purpose of your content is ultimately to sell what you sell.

Nothing stops you from selling your free content as well.

content marketing traffic

Here’s how…

Take your best blog posts on a specific topic.

Maybe you’ve written some killer blog posts about building a web presence.

Turn those blog posts into a cohesive e-book.

Each blog post covers one area of your topic.

You can easily put together a 10 to 24 page e-book on any topic by compiling several of your best blog posts.

If you don’t have enough content, just fill in the “blanks” by writing the content that needs to be written.

Then offer your e-book for a few bucks and you’ll have another income source at your disposal.

In Conclusion

These seven content marketing traffic strategies will go a long way towards you getting more visitors to your blog or website.

Just put them to good use.

If you liked this post, do me a favor and… SHARE IT!

Also, let me know below…

What content marketing traffic strategies have worked well for you?

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