Lessons From Broke Brokers

Once upon a time…

When dinasewers didn’t roam the earth…

Your humble ranter – that’s me! – sold real estate for a living. The problem was, at first, it wasn’t much of a living.

Mostly because I had no idea how to do that which I was untrained to do. Sell houses.

Back then, people actually called into the real estate office to get info on houses. The agent on duty answered the phone and the conversation would quickly descend like so…

CALLER: “Yeah, I’d like to get some info on the house at 123 Main Street.”

BROKER: “Thank you for calling B.S. Realty. That’s the house with the thingamajigi in front. Right?”

CALLER: “Un-huh. How many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have? And what’s the price?”

BROKER: “Let’s see. Two bedrooms. One-and-a-half baths. And they’re asking $245,500.”

CALLER: “Okay. Thanks. Bye.”

What’s wrong with THAT picture?

Think about what just happened. For the caller, everything they wanted happened. Got all the info they called for and that was that. For the Broker – who will continue being broke handling calls like this –

NOTHING Happened!

He got no lead. He got no deal. He got no nuttin’.

And so it goes to this day.

Had I continued running my real estate biz that way I would of gone out of biz-wax quick like. It occurred to me that all the brokers giving away info and not properly handling the in-coming calls were… BROKE!

Lucky for me, I learned how to handle those calls.

Six months later (at the ripe young age of 24) I was earning in the Top 10% of all RE/MAX agents – the highest paid agents in the industry at that time.

What does this have to do with you, your business and selling online? Well, how about EVERYTHING.

There’s a notion that you should give all the info people want in your blog posts and emails.

This is dumb.

Why would they buy anything IF you give it all away?

Give something to think about.

Give inspiration.

Give motivation.

Give tips.

You can even…

Reveal WHAT To Do In Some Cases.

For example, as a copywriter, I can write about how to write copy in my blog and emails. Almost no one who would hire me will go about the process of developing the skill.

So while I’m giving away obviously valuable info… if a biz owner wants the benefits of that info… they either have to give up a portion of their lives to learn it.

OR they hire me and save years of trials and tribulations.

Which brings me back to why being an IDS (Information Dispensary Service) isn’t very smart. A couple of emails back I told you about the greatest list-building secret never told.

When I tell you what it is, you’ll probably go “Great!” and move on. You won’t get the impact quite as well as you will if I SHOW YOU.

So, if you want to see how it works do this:

Comment on this blog post and give me the following:

— The size of your current email list.
— The market you’re in.
— What your “special power” is. (I’ll explain when we talk. But making quaint bodily noises doesn’t count.)

Let ‘er rip!

John “Angel” Anghelache

How do you keep your blog and email readers engaged?

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