How To Make Email Marketing Pay Off

boost-email marketing - salesHow would you like to go all way from “ground zero” to having a near-perfect email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign you can use over and over again in your online business.

One that turns your existing email list into a pile of cold hard cash.

A campaign that makes you a hero to your subscribers.

Impossible? Not so.

At least not for you.

Not after you read and implement…

The tested email marketing methods in this post.

But first, I must set the stage.

Over the past decade email has been the go-to channel for getting more customers and driving business profits online. Nothing comes close in the digital marketing mix.

Because email generates the highest return-on-investment.

Every dollar spent on email brings back $38 according to a report by VentureBeat.

While everyone else is Facebooking and Twittering you should be emailing.


Because Mckinsey’s research says…

Email marketing is 40 time more effective at acquiring new customers.

Email is the workhorse of selling online.

email marketing -roi

Nothing comes close because people associate emails with product and service offers.

The good news?

Open rates continue to hold steady for the past decade. A recent study by GetResponse says the average email open rate hovers at 22%. Click-through rates track at just under 4%.

The bad news?  269-billion emails stuff inboxes daily.

The average office worker gets buried in 121 emails per day.

Who has the time to open and read all those emails?

No one… that’s who!

And that’s the problem.

Not that long ago…

People used to love getting email.

I remember a few years back  a colleague of mine flashing his business card.

His email address prominently displayed.

With a smug smirk on his face, he asked if I had an email so he could send me some property information.

My face flushed red as at the realization that I did not possess the coveted ability to send and receive email myself.

A couple of days later the situation was remedied… and then… I too could say I belonged to the new and powerful “email clique.”

Now… no one cares.

These days people purposely set up “dummy” email accounts to sign up for freebies across the net… and…

Avoid getting bombarded by over-zealous email marketers.

Spam’s done the most damage.

Consumers even treat legit email messages like spam.

Sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose.

The bottom line is email has lost it’s luster. A little.

The worst of it is the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that email response rates to cold lists drag at a pathetic 0.3% response.


The DM says email response rates to existing subscribers lag at a low 0.6%.

(Side note: Direct mail is killing it right now with a huge 2.9% response rate to prospect lists… and… a whopping 5.3% response rate to house lists based on the same findings of the recent DMA Response Report.)

For those of us who sell primarily online…

Email marketing is still your best bet at generating sales.

If it’s done right.

email marketing-effective-channel

Which I’ll get to in just a moment.

Let’s first talk about how to do it wrong.

Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes.

They are busy.


And deal with an enormous number of life challenges to combat daily.

What happens when they sit down at their computer… or… grab their smartphone and check email?

I’ll tell you what happens.

Their eyes glaze over while looking at…

Hundreds of emails requiring their scattered (and limited) attention.

Do you know what people do when they’re faced with the daunting task of trudging through all of these messages?

It’s simple.

They mercilessly click and delete everything they deem a waste of time.

Spam, obvious solicitations, those neat messages from Nigerian “dignitaries” and everything else that they are not interested in gets deleted.

Then they open the personal emails from friends and family.

Work-related emails get looked at next. (Gotta know what the boss wants, right?)

Then they open emails from their cell phone company, the electric company, the auto loan company… and… every other company sending them an online bill that they want to stay current on and pay.

Finally, if time is not an issue, they open emails from vendors who have something they want to buy.

You, my friend, are in last place.

Regardless of how wonderful your product or service is, unless it is of immediate importance to your subscribers, they will…

Delete your email message without regard or remorse.

Which means one thing…

Your primary job is to figure out a way to land on the first list of emails subscribers cheerfully want to open.

But don’t worry!

I’ve already figured it out for you and will reveal that sneaky email marketing strategy now.

What you need to make your email marketing pays off is to first and foremost have a strategy.

Here’s how…

Before you try selling another product first find out WHAT your subscribers are dying to buy.

I’m serious.

If you have a list of people who are not engaged with you, and more important, who aren’t itching to buy something now… then… all the fancy marketing tricks, analytics and killer copy won’t help.

On the other hand, if your subscribers are “dying” to buy a particular product or service that you offer… well then… half the battle’s won.

Here’s what I mean…

Long ago (before dinosaurs roamed the earth) I became a real estate agent.

It didn’t take long after getting my license to figure out that I had no idea how to market and sell real estate.

My first six months in “business” I lucked out and sold ONE (just one) house.

It occurred to me, that if I wanted food with my meals, I really needed to learn…

How to promote myself.

Otherwise, I would soon be out of business.

One fine day, while perusing an industry publication, I came across an ad from a guy who was, at the time, the number one RE/MAX agent in the world. He was promoting his system for generating leads without cold calling.

This, my friend, was music to my ears.

Because I hated cold calling… and… at the time… it was becoming increasingly tough to pull off anyway.

So I responded to his ad and feverishly read the report he sent.

That report convinced me I needed his system so I bought it for $797.

Do you see what happened here?

I bought because I had a serious problem. My livelihood was on the line here. If I didn’t figure out how to sell real estate I was going to have to quit. I’d have no money and I’d have to swallow the embarrassment of failing.

Listen up…

People buy solutions to problems.

What does this mean for you?

It means you should probably stop selling salt and pepper shakers or some other commodity that is not viewed as a solution to a problem.

If you do sell a solution to a problem… but… your market is glutted with competitors you must reposition the product so it stands out from the crowd.

Let’s say you do sell a solution to an immediate problem your market (or at least a certain percentage of your market) wants to solve now.

How do you structure an email marketing campaign that gets noticed, read and responded to?


The first thing you do is strategize your email marketing promotion.

You’ll want to…

  1. Pre-sell prospects on the product/service and reading your emails.
  2. Send multiple emails in a sequenced manner.
  3. Set a beginning and ending date for your promotion.
  4. Craft a great offer they can’t refuse.
  5. Offer a coveted bonus that could sell on it’s own.

Let’s look at each of these parts of a successful email series in turn…

First, you’ll want to pre-sell prospects. You can do this with one or more emails that let’s prospects know what you’ve got cookin’ and what’s coming up. This email snags the prospect’s curiosity and interest. It gives them a broad-brush idea of what you have in store for them.

This pre-selling phase is the most critical of all to maximizing email sales. Don’t believe me? Fine. Maybe you’ll believe Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.

Dr. Cialdini is the Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University.

He wrote the best-selling blockbuster, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion… which…

Sold over three million copies.

And you now find it translated in thirty languages.

In his latest masterpiece, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, Cialdini says…

“Pre-Suasion identifies what savvy communicators do before delivering a message to get it accepted. Communicators can elevate their success by knowing what to say or do just before an appeal.”

Truer words were never spoken neither her nor in Hoboken.

As email marketers we may need to send more than one “pave-the-way-to-the-sale” email in order to… well…

Pave the way to the sale.

Not only should your first email (or emails) set the stage it should also tell the prospect what’s coming.

Say that you want to sell a video course on learning how to play the guitar.

You know that your prospects want to solve the problem of not knowing how to do that.

So your first email or set of emails might tell prospects how you’ve been slaving away at creating this course. You tell them how you’ve put your 20+ years of knowledge (and road-dog rock n’ roll experience) into the project.

You tell them that in a few days you’ll release the first video in the series for free to all your subscribers so you can get their feedback.

And you hint at when you plan on making the course available to them on a pre-public release basis for a huge discount.

Maybe you even convince them to sign up to a pre-notification email list. This way you only email the people most interested in this product about the offering coming up.



See what I mean?

You’re setting up the sale.

Once you’ve got them frothing at the next…

You send an email that actually lays out the dates of the launch, how many emails they’ll receive about this offer, etc.

Then you send out the exact number of emails over a few days that you promised to send.

Prospects will be expecting those emails. If they joined a pre-notification list… they’ll be okay with getting them.

Needless to say… but I’ll say it anyway… your must make an offer prospects can’t wait to pay for.

One way to make your offer impossible to resist is to include a bunch of hot bonuses that relate to the main product.

Your main bonus should stand on its own two feet.

It should be so “hot” that you could sell it on its own.

This email marketing process NEVER fails.

The very first time I did this I got 28% of the people on my email list to buy a $500 product.

The only way you can lose is if you’re trying to sell something the list does not want or can’t afford.

If you first find out what they are dying to buy…

Pre-sell them on the product or service…

And send out a multi-sequenced series of emails with a start and end date to the promotion…

Your email marketing campaign will succeed!

The key to all of this is knowing how to write sales copy that sells. This might help. 

What email marketing strategy have you found to work well in selling products and services online?

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