The Online Marketing Strategy That Started It All

Today I decided to eat my veggies again.

For awhile now, I fell off the wagon. Got on a fast food craze. And wouldn’t you know it? Them luv handlers are starting to flap over the ‘ol pants.

Anyway, while crunching on some carrots and broclee something occurred to me. Due to a crushing workload, I had stopped another good habit. DEAD in its tracks.

A habit responsible for starting my copywriting career. From a computer at the library over a decade ago.

This habit got me from ground zero to building a freelance business… that… in some years… has brought in well over six-figures.

I even used it to set up four and five-figure pay days from my own tiny lists. And for clients with monster lists that went limp “BIZKIT” from time to time.

I’m talking about…

Consistently Emailing Subscribers!

By consistently I mean at least a couple three times a week.

At least.

If you got somethin’ worth sayin’ your subscribers become more engaged. Sales soar. Life-support lists revive. And you start making some bookuu bucks, baby.

I heard of one marketer whose daily emails (yes… DAILY) brought in tens of thousands of smackers. He’d spend about 20 minutes a day knocking out a 500-word email.

Consistently his emails brought in 8K to 10K a day.

On some days those emails brought in up to 50K.

Imagine that!


What if you have neither the time nor inclination to pen emails two, three, four times or more a week?

What if you just want to flush some more KASHOLA out of your subscriber list? Quickly and ethically.

Well then, I’ve got something that’ll be like music to your ears. As you read this email, I’m working on a Special Report that outlines…

A Very Specific Email Strategy!

I’ve used variations of it to…

  • Get a 28% response from a stingy list for a $500 product.
  • Pull in 30K in about seven days for a high end coaching program.
  • Resurrect a list of “moochers” who sat on a client’s list for over four years. They never ponied up a red cent for any of his products. (This list produced 60K in about 60 days as we plugged this email sequence in.)

It’s a simple 5-part email system peppered with the kind of sales psychology that makes people buy.

I’m still a couple of weeks out from getting finished.

Got to get it just right.

But here’s what I had in mind…

I’m going to eventually release this report to the general public of online marketers. When I do, the report will also include an audio version. And it will sell for around twenty or thirty bucks. Maybe more.

However, as soon as it’s ready, I’m willing to practically give it away to my subscribers on a…

Pre-Public Release Basis!

By the way, this report is not full of theory and B.S.

I give you the complete process for churning out quick-hit paydays from just about any email list.

Including: A complete swipe file of the entire 5-part email series. So you can model each message without having to guess about a single thing.


Then respond to this blog post and let me know you’re in.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Let ‘er rip,

John “Angel” Anghelache

P.S. Whether you get my report or not, I strongly suggest you consider emailing your list more frequently. Just look at what the Big Boys of Direct Response do. The Agora’s of the world email their list daily and the company makes north of…


There might be something to learn there, heh?

What are some of your best email marketing strategies?

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