Proven Marketing Promotions: Let’s face reality. Four out of five new advertisements bomb. Whenever you create a new ad, you’re taking your chances. You have no idea if it’s going to work or not. No one knows! The main reason is because the ad is new and untested. But what if you could plug-and-play a proven promotion that has generated millions of dollars in sales. Then your chances of success skyrocket. My Proven Marketing Promotions have a track record of success. They take the guesswork out of the advertising equation. These promotions are (by far) the fastest way to more sales and profit. Contact for more details.


Email Enhancers: Email is the most profitable medium online. It drives your entire online marketing process. Prospects get to your landing pages, offer pages, webinar pages, etc. because of your email messages. In a recent study, email pulled in 40 times better than social media. However, if your email strategy is off, you’re probably not reaping the rewards. My Email Enhancers service analyzes what you’re currently doing and finds the pockets of profit you might be overlooking. This is the shortcut to turning your email list into a cash-flow machine. Contact for more details.


Copywriting Critique: Were you hoping for better results out of the gate but your ad just didn’t live up to expectations? Has your online or offline ad, sales letter, etc. “petered-out”? Hey, maybe all you need is a couple of quick-fixes to get response and sales back on track. A copywriting critique is an economical way to de-bug your tired promotions and get them working like gangbusters again. My Copywriting Critique service might be perfect for you. And it includes both a critique and consultation to explain how to implement the changes I suggest. Contact for more details.


Offer Overhaul: Crafting irresistible offers people can’t refuse is critical to your bottom line. Many times the success (or failure) of a promotion is due entirely to the appeal of your offer. If sales have dropped off this is one of the first components of your promotion to tweak. My Offer Overhaul service looks at your current offer and how to beef it up. Maybe you need a higher price and more bonuses. Maybe you need to bundle products and/or services to make them more enticing. We look at and fix a number of factors to make your offers impossible to reject. Contact for more details.


Sales Letters That Sell: One good sales letter can take your business to the next level of success and profitability. If you are a direct marketer, a solid sales letter is at the core of your promotional process online or offline. I specialize in writing hard-hitting, long-copy (8 – 24 page) sales letters in various formats including: traditional direct mail, web-based text and video sales letters. My Sales Letters That Sell service is a complete system for promoting your products and services. Contact for more details.


Profit-Pulling Packages: Sometimes a standalone sales letter and order form is not enough. You may need additional advertising “collateral” to maximize response. For instance, offline, you might need a series of linked letters. Or maybe a complete lead generation-to-sales system. Online you might need a squeeze page, video sales letter and follow up emails. My Profit-Pulling Packages include multi-step and multi-sequenced campaigns that (as a general rule of thumb) result in the best overall response and sales. Contact for more details.


Product Launch Campaigns: How would you like to make a year’s worth of sales in a couple of weeks time? Impossible? Not so. Online product launches are a proven multi-sequenced strategy for generating jaw-dropping profits from your email lists. These versatile campaigns also work great to build responsive email lists and to maximize affiliate and joint venture sales. My Product Launch Campaigns service takes a more simple approach to making huge profits at lightening-fast speed from your products and services. Contact for more details.


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