The Two Biggest List-Building Myths

In my humble opinion, morore B.S. circulates on the Internet than anywhere else on earth.

Least, it seems that way, don’t it?

To wit…

The standard B.S. advice about building a responsive email list goes something like this…

You either write endless content the search engines pick up… or… spend a small fortune on ads that require endless testing to get into the black.

Writing endless content is fine.

Except, according to my sources, it takes Google about TWO YEARS before it ranks your content properly. All the blackhat SEO tricks in the world won’t help either.

In fact…

Google “Blacklists” Sites Using Those Tricks In A Heartbeat!

The “Wild West” days of SEO are dead and buried.

So, unless you don’t need moolah from your biz (and you don’t mind NOT having food with your meals) writing content and waiting until the world stops spinning to get ranked and get traffic is not a smart strategy.

Nothing wrong with churning out content.

The problem is that it’s not a good way to drive traffic.

It’s sort of like branding.

Unless you have a lot of dough to throw at content… and… you have tons of time to wait it out… then you might as well fuggit about it.

What about paying for PPC, banners, solo blasts, FB ads, etc.

All good and fine.

Except the expense and the high propensity for advertising to fail and fail miserably. Look, the top direct response companies hire the best copy-slingers in the world.

And yet… they only get about 1 out of 3 promos to work.

So again, unless you have a decent ad budget and time to test, what chance do you stand? About as much of a chance as…

Going One Round With A Steroid-Pumped Mike Tyson!

Especially since it’s almost impossible to break even or make a proffet on the front end. (There’s a way to get around this sticky point and I’ll blab about it in another email.)

What’s more, all the “GurWhos” teach one or the other. Either you lock yourself in a virtual cave and crank out content. Or you pilfer the savings account, invest in ads and hope like hell they bring back a positive ROI.

None of this is any good.

That’s why I want to tell you about…

The greatest list-building secret never told.

I don’t have much room in this email. So I’ll give you the 30,000-foot-view for now.

B.I. (Before the Internet) a very smart fellow took this list-building secret and made millihunz upon millihunz of dolhus.

He is considered one of the best copywriters who ever lived.

— One company paid him $54K for 4-hours of work.
— He helped another company turn $3,500 into 50-mill.
— 80% of his promos were successful. (Holy Shnikes!)
— A book he wrote appeared on eBay for almost 1K.
— Over his career he generated more than 2-BILLION.

Say what you will, but a guy with those creds to his name must know something.

When it comes to list-building he really knew SOMETHING.

‘Cause he accessed milliunz of hot prospects on…

The Most Expensive Mailing Lists At The Time!


As in, he spent ZERO and sold his books to the hottest lists available.


Enquiring minds still wanna know, don’t they?

Stay tuned…

Read “The Two Biggest List-Building Myths” (Part II) coming up in a few.

Let ‘er rip,

John “Angel” Anghelache

P.S. Can’t wait? Gotta know now? Fine, I’ll tell you. But to get the know-how there’s a… gulp… catch. You must email me (just look at the contact link) and let me know the following:

— The size of your current email list.
— The market you’re in.
— What your “special power” is. (I’ll explain when we talk.
But making quaint bodily noises doesn’t count.)


Because instead of TELLING you what this secret strategy is (and you doing nothing with it)…

I’ll Show You!

When you see how it works, the “Aha!” fireworks will go off like it’s the 4th of Joooliiie.

But we need to chatz up a bit before hand.

Anyway, if you really want to know what this is… send me an email and leave me your PHONE NUMBER, TIME ZONE and best time to call. And the other details I asked for earlier.

We’ll have a quickie (that sounds dirty, doesn’t it?) “pow-wow” and fill you in on all the nitty-gritty details…

By the way, what’s worked well for you to build a RESPONSIVE email list?

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